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In 2013 I was notified by LinkedIn that a connection updated their work. I looked the company and thought it would be a good project to be a part of. I was already writing reviews and offered to write for them. My offer was accepted and eventually I was made the arts editor. At the time there were a lot of so called “Bro Codes” that did little more than make men look like idiots. I pitched a column for a real men’s code and the Guide to the Distinguished Gentleman was born. Recently, MODE decided to reformat but the column had a decent reception. When they overhauled the website, all my reviews were lost, but here are a few of the gentleman columns.

Men used to have a code. More than just chivalry, men used to live by a set of beliefs. Somewhere we, as a gender, have lost our way. While some of the ways men used to conduct themselves should stay in the past, there are a number of qualities that we should bring into the modern world. That was the purpose of the guide and I hope to be able to take it somewhere to continue spreading the word of what a man should be.

Here are links to the columns that were in the magazine.

The first introduction to the Guide to the Distinguished Gentleman. My editor’s pick for the year are there as well as a ballet review.

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Guide to the Holidays. During the holiday season a gentleman is the perfect date or the perfect guest. Some people are invited to holiday parties because they will enrich the experience, that person is a gentleman.

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Guide to Suiting Up. It is said that what lingerie does for men is what a good suit does for a woman. A bad suit is clothes you put on your body, a good suit is an experience.

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Guide to Valentine’s Day. A proper gentleman does more than buy flowers and a card on the way home. A gentleman makes any gift giving opportunity an experience.

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Guide to Greetings. If he doesn’t rise to shake your hand, he is not a gentleman. The rules seem outdated but a proper gentleman makes the extra effort.

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Guide to Weddings. A wedding needs less men to show up to drink up free booze and hit on bridesmaids and more gentlemen. If you don’t know any to be in your wedding party, you might want to reevaluate your pife.


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