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This website is a one stop shop for all Peter’s writings.

dtc new logo 2The Dogtag Chronicles is a veteran perspective and experience website Peter started. Filled mostly with his own writing, Peter recruits other veterans to contribute. The intent was to help civilians better understand the military experience and to give veterans a community that understands what they have been through.

Pete’s Parenting Pointers was created when a friend disclosed his wife was pregnant with their first child. Peter, a former stay-home-dad said, “I got your back.” The blog is full of tips and tricks from the dad’s point of view. A dad that, unfortunately for his child, loves dad jokes and entertaining himself through creative punishment. On paper a former Army grunt would not be the idea primary caregiver but Peter is the proud parent of a wonderful and talented young lady.

MODE is Seattle’s first fashion magazine. I did not create it but I was the first arts editor and wrote fine arts reviews online until they reformatted the magazine and website. I pitched the Distinguished Gentleman’s Guide column and wrote it for the magazine and have created a page to archive those articles.


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