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The life and times of Peter Sessum


sessum mugBorn in Seattle, Peter has spent most of his adult life in service to his  country or community in one way or another. Growing up mixed race in a small town during a less diverse time made Peter looking to distant lands and cultures for escape.

One thing that always stood out in his mind is a lesson from Sister Margaret, his fifth-grade teacher. Her lesson was of a man that God spoke to and had him write a holy book. A Catholic nun talking about the Prophet Mohammad in the 1970s is a great lesson of acceptance and understanding. One that has always stayed with Peter.

It is that same lesson of tolerance that Peter brought with him when he joined the Army. As a psychological operations soldier in Afghanistan, Peter traveled all over the country. Most of his time was spent among the Afghan people with a reconstruction team conducing village assessments.

Through vigorous study and visiting more than 300 villages Peter became a subject matter expert on the country and culture of Afghanistan. Through cultural relativism, he was able to win over a number of the locals. As an American, being considered family to Pashtuns is a rare honor.

Peter’s experience as a subject matter expert on Afghanistan led him to a job as an international adviser for a State Department led counter narcotics program. He set up the Kandahar office of the Ministry of Counter Narcotics and supported the poppy eradication efforts.

He went back to school upon returning to the state. While in college he focused on more local issues like veterans’ programs and advocacy. Graduating from the University of Washington with a degree in journalism, Peter founded The Dogtag Chronicles a veteran’s perspective and experience website. He works on veterans issues while working as a digital content manager.


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