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This website was created while I was attending the University of Washington as a portfolio website and looking for my first job out of college. Now, a few years later, it isn’t needed for that and has become a place for my creative expression.

I’m a writer and I need to write. Anyone who feels that compulsion knows that the desire to write doesn’t end with putting words on paper. There is a certain satisfaction that comes from pressing the “publish” button. There are too many stories rattling around in my head and the only way to silence the rats is to get them out.

Feel free to check out The Dogtag Chronicles, a website on the veteran perspective and experience or Pete’s Parenting Pointers, my parenting blog started to help advise a friend who was about to embark on his fatherhood journey. I will also be posting my personal photography and fiction writing as well. This is a place of expression, let’s figure it out as we go along.


Feel free to add your thoughts, but be respectful.

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